sexta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2011

De: Jens. Para: Mim.

"I set out to write about anything but myself and ended up writing only about myself and maybe 3-4 other people who really don't serve any other purpose than to reflect myself. It's been trying to tell me that a self portrait is not just a dialogue between you and yourself, but it's also a dialogue with a third person - the beholder. Or in a larger perspective - society. Yeah right album, whatever you say.

I set out to write about anything but heartbreak, and ended up writing almost entirely about it. I felt like a war correspondent, wishing for a small column about gardening. Putting on my helmet and my bulletproof vest one more day. It said: You're doing a good thing, remember all the people who write to you with their stories. All they want is someone to tell them theirs so they know they're not alone. I said : Yeah yeah yeah."

Tudo isso é o Jens Lekman falando do seu próximo disco, que espero ansiosamente para 2011. A foto também é dele, de algum lugar em Nova York.

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