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The National - Think you can wait

Think you can wait, nova música do The National feita para o filme "Win Win", que tem nada menos que Paul Giamatti no elenco.

Matt Berninger, o vocalista, disse que a banda compôs a cancão depois de ver o filme, inspirados na história de pessoas normais e boas que tentam fazer o seu melhor e batalham para continuarem boas.

"Think you can wait" foi gravada no estúdio da banda e rola nos créditos do filme. A moçoila Sharon Van Etten também aparece nos vocais.

Mais do Matt sobre a música:

"We knew he was a serious director," Berninger said, mentioning that he enjoyed McCarthy's directorial debut "Station Agent" and 2007's "The Visitor."
The material of "Win Win" was "just the kind of thing our music would work well for."
"It's about very normal and good people trying to do their best and the struggle to be good," Berninger says.
So upon viewing the movie while on tour, Berninger began cobbling together melody ideas and working with his wife on lyrics. When the band returned to Brooklyn, they hit cohort Aaron Dessners' home studio with Brooklyn neighbor and frequent show opener Van Etten and producer Peter Katis. All in all, "Think You Can Wait" was only completed a month ago.
"This was the first time we had written specifically for a film," Berninger told me. "We wouldn't normally do that, but Tom McCarthy's movies are so good. Watching ['Win Win'] helped inspire the way the song was written. I mean, it isn't at all narrative to what happens in the movie -- we don't mention Paul Giamatti by name or anything. But it was fun, and it's a good song, we're very proud of it."

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Win Win não é com Charlie Sheen?

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